Tire Size and Conversion Calculator

Using our Tire Size Calculator, you can get exact measurements for your current tire size. If you are considering replacing your tires with a different sized tire, you can conduct a size comparison, which can help you determine what alternate tire sizes will work on your vehicle.

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For the measurements of your Original Equipment (OE) tire or the current tire on your vehicle, simply enter the size below. Our calculator will provide you with the Sidewall Height, Section Width, Overall Diameter, Circumference, and Estimated Revolutions Per Mile.

If you want to do a side-by-side comparison of two different tire sizes, simply enter your current tire size followed by the new tire size. The calculator will provide the Sidewall Height, Section Width, Overall Diameter, Circumference, and Revolutions Per Mile, as well as an approximation of the difference in speedometer reading. This can help you determine what sizes will work for your vehicle if you are considering changing tire sizes.

*The calculator results are based on the mathematical equations of the sizes entered, not the specifications provided by the tire manufacturer. Please refer to the guides supplied by the manufacturers for exact specifications.

**Check the manufacturer requirements to make sure any new tires meet the load and speed needs of your vehicle before installing tires that are larger or smaller than the original equipment tires.