Tire Ratings and Reviews

We have tire ratings for every type of tire, vehicle, and driving situation imaginable: all-season tires, touring tires, winter tires, all terrain tires, and more. Look for these ratings and reviews when searching for products to find the best match for your vehicle.

Browse tire ratings and read tire reviews, submitted by everyday drivers like you, for a wide variety of tires.

Some categories for review include:

  • Ride Comfort
  • Cornering/Steering (handling)
  • Ride Noise
  • Tread Life
  • Dry Traction
  • Wet Traction
  • Winter Traction (snow/ice)

Find out what kind of experiences other drivers have had with a specific brand or model before you choose to buy. Each tire page offers extremely valuable information, broken down into categories that report on driver experiences with the tire, and a detailed product description, including benefits and features. This gives you the ultimate tire buying guide and makes choosing new tires as easy as possible.

We show you the pro's and con's, directly from personal experience with the tire, as well as a side by side comparison if you are trying to narrow down your search between a few tire options. See how well each tire matches up and compare these ratings with what is most important to you and how you will use the tire.

With customer tire ratings and reviews, we try to provide everything you need to make the right choice when looking for the best tires for your vehicle.