Tire Fees: What to Know

We know no one likes fees. A part of our namesake is our commitment to low prices – which includes transparency and keeping our customers happy at every turn.

After you’ve done your research and you’re ready to make your choice on new tires, we know it can be frustrating to see more fees when you have an item in your cart.

Believe us, we don’t like it either.

But here’s the thing; we don’t have any say over it, as tire recycling and processing fees are state-mandated, and actually go toward programs that mitigate tire waste. While we actively manage our inventory in order to pass as few costs onto our customers as possible, the tire recycling fees we charge are actually imposed by the states we sell our tires in.

On top of that, pretty much every state has different tire fees and fee structuring. Straight from our explanation of charges when you put tires in your cart online, this is what you’ll see if you’re ordering from one of 40 states that impose some kind of tire disposal, recycling or environmental fee:

Environmental Fees

“Environmental Fees are state-mandated charges applied to new tire purchases. These fees fund research and development on recycling worn out tires.”

Wondering just what kind of research and development this entails? The fact of the matter is that tires are, unfortunately, some of the least-biodegradable consumer goods that are commonly processed at the end of their lifecycle.

From shredding up old tires for use in asphalt or playground surfaces to synthetic turf for our sports fields, the end goal of researching more uses for used tires is to lessen what was once over 1 billion tires in the United States alone that had been improperly or illegally discarded. Learn more about tire recycling and the environment.

While another nominal fee is irritating, the total number of littered tires has seen a drastic decline across the country over the years thanks to these tire recycling programs. And through these programs, our communities are benefitted through keeping our environment healthy and free from litter, saving space in landfills and keeping our drinking water free from the pollutants that tires can pass on as they decompose.

Tire Disposal Fees

As for the Disposal Fee that is added to your order:

“The Disposal Fee covers the cost for a licensed regulated disposal service to properly discard your tires.”

To further explain the above, this fee goes to covering a disposal service or company that has passed licensing requirements and has been trained on the responsibilities that go with handling your old tires as they make their way to a recycling facility.

Federal Excise Tax (FET)

The last of these tire fees is the Federal Excise Tax:

“FET - Federal Excise Tax (FET) is applied in the automotive industry on larger truck tires, inner tubes, gasoline and lubricants.”

This fee is only applied with the purchase of generally very large truck tires, and is calculated by the weight of the tire itself.