Scrap Tires and the Environment

Tire recycling and repurposing is very important for the environment. When tires aren’t disposed of properly, they pose a very serious threat to the environment.

Recycling/Repurposing Scrap Tires

While not all states have tire disposal regulations in place, we recommend recycling your tires after they are no longer in service. Proper tire recycling allows worn tires to be repurposed in a positive, environmentally friendly way. When tires are exposed to the elements, they can provide an area for water to collect, which can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry disease. Tires can also harbor rats, snakes, and other types of vermin. This makes tires that aren’t disposed of properly potentially dangerous.

Scrap tires also pose a very serious fire risk. Tire fires release harsh toxins and particles into the air, which can potentially cause or worsen respiratory conditions. Aside from the risk of pollution, fires fueled by scrap tires tend to be very difficult to control and even more difficult to extinguish.

Ensure that a Certified Tire Collection Service Company properly recycles your scrap tires. When tires are recycled, the internal metals are removed and the tires are broken down into crumb rubber. This rubber can then be safely used for:

  • rubberized asphalt
  • track surfaces
  • floor mats
  • garden mulch
  • playground surfaces