Our Tire Mounting and Balancing Process

We know it can be hard to stay up on maintaining your tires. Rotations every 5,000 miles, checking the air pressure once a month and keeping an eye on your tire tread life are all crucial, but there are even a few other things best left to the professionals.

So here’s why you’ll want to buy a tire and wheel package from us.

First off, there’s a real difference not only between the training and safety protocols our crews work under compared with any other tire retailer in the country. Our mounting and balancing procedure ensures that when you receive your new tires and wheels, you will have confidence that you are receiving the best service possible.

Not only can we stake a claim in being the go-to tire shop online if you’re looking for the white glove treatment for both you, your family and your vehicle, our step-by-step tire mounting and balancing process is so thorough you wouldn’t shop anywhere else.

Our tire mounting and balancing process

When you purchase a new set of tires and wheels online, you can be sure the following will happen:

We take care of your wheels during the tire installation and mounting process. Not only do we make sure they’re handled and stored properly, we make every effort to protect your order during shipping to prevent damage.

Our mounting and balancing process itself is consistent, and is routinely reviewed for optimal safety, speed and efficiency standards.

We use Hunter wheel balancing equipment – widely considered the highest quality and most accurate tire balancing machinery in the world.

Tire balancing cost

How much does tire balancing cost?

Short answer: as a part of our commitment to our customers, if you buy a tire and wheel package from us, your order will arrive mounted and balanced at no additional charge. If you are buying tires, without a new set of shiny wheels to go with them, the installation charges at a local installer are not included with your purchase.

Be sure to take advantage of our tire certificate program for even more peace of mind when it comes to protecting and maintaining your tires.

Learn more about the details of our low-price guarantee, which includes everything you need to know about the lowest price we provide when you buy your tires from us.

And for more information on how to tell if you need your tires rebalanced and what the process involves, read our comprehensive guide here.