How To Clean Your Tires

Properly cleaning your tires is important because it will prevent brake dust and other elements from potentially damaging the tire. By using the steps listed below, you can learn how to properly clean your tires and keep them looking great for years to come.

Remember that tires can collect more grime than any other part of the vehicle exterior. You may choose to reserve certain rags exclusively for tire and wheel cleaning because brake dust can permanently stain a rag. You should limit the use of these rags to only the tires and wheels since they may contain brake dust and debris that might scratch different parts of the vehicle.

Spray the tires with water before applying an approved tire cleaning solution. Be sure to avoid any product that lists formaldehyde or raw silicone as an ingredient, since these compounds can cause tire rubber to deteriorate. Let the cleaning solution sit on the tire surface to help break up dirt and grime.

After letting the cleaner sit, begin scrubbing the tire surface. You should use a soft or medium brush, so that when scrubbing the tires, if you make contact with the wheels, it will not result in scratches. Thoroughly rinse the tire and wheel to remove all cleaning products. Do not forget to rinse the brush as well.

When the tire is completely rinsed, dry your tire with a terry or microfiber cloth. Make sure to thoroughly dry the wheel as well to prevent any water spots.

Following these steps will get rid of that pesky brake dust and ensure your tires look shiny and new. If you want to make your car look even better, you can also detail your wheels.

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