What is the real cost of a flat tire for your fleet?

In 2016, Fleet Financials (a sister publication of Modern Tire Dealer) conducted its first-ever survey with fleet managers to understand how a flat tire affects a fleet’s productivity and profitability. Discount Tire Fleet can help you cut those costs.

Average fleet size = 112 vehicles
Average number of flat tires per year = 97
Average estimated cost of driver downtime = $91.32
Average estimated cost of vehicle downtime per flat = $117
Average overall tire change cost = $130.10
Average cost of a flat tire = $338.42

Read the entire article, Fleet Managers Report the Real Cost of a Flat Tire, or get more info from our overview below:


  • Road construction debris
  • Weather and seasonal elements, especially winter conditions and excessive heat
  • Improper tire pressure


  • Require drivers to check tires before and after driving a vehicle
  • Require drivers to regularly check their air pressure
  • Ensure tires are replaced when there is 4/32 of an inch of tread depth remaining

Proactively taking on flat tire costs

Of course the primary challenge is finding quality tires for your fleet that hold up to your seasonal changes and local road conditions—all within your budget. We can help.

Use treadwell, Discount Tire's online tire guide, or work with your Discount Tire Fleet Sales Specialist to help you choose the best tire for your fleet vehicles based on our years of data gathering and analysis across all major brands.

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