Return Policy

Discount Tire Direct wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not pleased with the merchandise that you receive, or you have simply changed your mind, we will provide you with a refund within 30 days of the date of purchase.

Please take a few minutes to read the following guidelines and instructions.

You Must Call to Make Arrangements for Return

  • 800-385-3322
  • The name the merchandise was purchased under must be written clearly on the Package/Label.
  • Tires must not be driven on (used).
  • Wheels must not have been driven on or mounted on the vehicle (used).
  • All merchandise must be properly packaged. Packing material is available upon request.
  • Please do not ship via the U.S. Postal Service.
  • For your protection, it is recommended that the merchandise be insured during shipping.
  • Please make sure the return address is clearly written on the package and the label.

Tires, Wheels, and Packages

  • Secure any loose materials such as center caps, lug nuts/bolts and valve stems in a separate package.
  • Wheels must have a foam sheet pad protecting the face of the wheel from any cardboard chafing.
  • If returning two wheels in one box, please place a piece of cardboard between the wheels.
  • Any Styrofoam packing material received with the shipment must be reused in the same way.
  • Please remove any staples that may damage product during shipping.
  • If the wheel box was damaged during shipping, please request new packing material.
  • Each package must be clearly labeled with the address for Discount Tire Direct as well as your address. We will specify the correct Distribution Center to return your merchandise to, relative to your location.
  • In the case of returning a tire/wheel package, please use a high strength tape in place of nylon bands.

Original Packaging Consists Of

  • Three cardboard layers (two for the face of the wheel and one for the back side of the wheel).
  • Foam layers to protect the face of the wheel from cardboard chafing.
  • Padded envelope containing lug hardware and valve stems.

Refund Calculations

  • Tires - Credit less all freight charges.
  • Wheels - Credit less all freight charges.
  • Tire/Wheel Packages - Credit less all freight charges and $40.00 for dismounting and cleaning.

Full Credit Will be Issued

  • The wrong merchandise is shipped.
  • The merchandise is damaged during shipping.
  • The merchandise is defective.
  • The merchandise does not properly fit your vehicle and Discount Tire Direct approved fitment.

Full Credit will not be issued due to improper packaging

If the packages are not treated gently during shipment and without the proper packaging, the products can become damaged. It is the customers’ responsibility to make sure the wheels and tires are protected. Under no circumstance will Discount Tire Direct accept a return of product that is damaged due to the negligence of the customer. Remember, the products are still your property until Discount Tire Direct receives them back.

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