Our Low Price Guarantee

We work hard to deliver the lowest price on every tire and wheel. If you find a lower price that we’ve missed, we’d like to know. We’ll beat the competition’s lower, delivered price, and will work to offer you the best deal. We will not be undersold. *

On items from other online or mail order retailers, we extend this guarantee to both the product price and any applicable freight costs. Remember that some competitors don’t show your total purchase price until you’re in their shopping cart, so make sure to account for these costs when comparing prices.

If you find a lower current advertised price on an identical item at a competitor, you can give us a call at our friendly Call Center. You can also submit the lower price via the online listing we display for each product. Below each tire price, you’ll see a “Found it Lower? Let us Know!” link. Click this link to submit your contact information and a link to the lower price. We’ll contact you within one business day (Monday – Friday) with our offer.

Comparing Tire Prices

Because we prioritize your satisfaction, we do our best to be clear about the prices we offer. We're confident that you'll be satisfied with our low prices, many choices and great customer service.

  • Installation
  • Our “Out the Door Price” on tire and wheel packages includes FREE mounting and balancing, as well as FREE shipping. Many online retailers don’t offer these services, requiring a separate transaction with a 3rd party retailer.

  • Shipping
  • Most online only retailers pass the expense of shipping tires on to you. This can make a dramatic difference between the advertised price and what you end up paying, which is why we offer FREE shipping on your purchase. Free shipping applies to products shipped within the 48 contiguous states. In some cases, a handling charge will apply to overweight or heavier packages.

When you’re shopping around for tires, make sure to compare our prices and benefits to those of the competition. We make a concerted effort to show you everything included in our prices. Be careful when comparing our prices to those of other retailers. Some dealers may have shipping costs, higher installation fees, or other hidden charges. Make sure the price they list reflects the total price they charge.

Online Price Listings

In addition to providing transparency regarding our pricing policies, we work hard to display accurate and up-to-date prices and product information on our site. If you see a price that seems to be in error, like a $400 wheel for $4, it’s probably a mistake. We reserve the right to suspend sales of erroneous products until the correct information is established online. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

*We will not be undersold by authorized non-auction retailers offering comparable product and service. We reserve the right to decline any price match request under our own discretion.

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