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We value your time and your business. Here are some commonly asked questions that may help you on your way.

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Q: How do I find my tracking numbers?

A: You will receive an email from with a link to your tracking numbers within 24 hours after your order has been finalized. This is usually 24 hours after your order is placed. The link contained in the email will take you to the shipping website where you will find the scheduled delivery date.

Q: Where do I find my invoice number?

A: Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email with your order number. This email will have a PDF of your invoice and your order number and invoice number will be in the upper right corner.

Q: How long does shipping usually take?

A: Shipping generally takes anywhere from 2-4 business days depending on the distribution center we ship from. For more information please check out our shipping policy.

Q: How do I check the status of my order online?

A: If you need to check on the status of a pending order, please call our sales specialists at 1-800-589-6789. For the fastest service, please make sure to have your order number ready when calling. Currently, you cannot check the status on our website.

Q: An item I ordered is missing. I only received part of my order, what should I do?

A: If you only received a partial order, please call or email us to resolve the issue. Call 1-800-385-3322 or email our customer care team and one of our knowledgeable customer care specialists will be able to assist you.

Q: How long are my return labels good for?

A: A return label is good for 30 days from the date it is issued. If for some reason 30 days is not sufficient, we will re-issue the label or wait until you are ready to ship to issue it.

Q: When will my order ship?

A: We make every effort to have your order shipped within 24 hours of processing, however our shippers do not pick up shipments on weekends or holidays. They will pick up shipments the following business day.

Q: How long do special order items take to ship?

A: Within two weeks. It will generally take 7-10 business days for special order items to be received by our distribution center if the product is in stock and available with the manufacturer. After receiving the item at the distribution center, it will then be shipped directly to you.

Q: Can I ship directly to an installer?

A: Yes. We recommend contacting the installer and letting them know, so they are expecting a shipment for you. We also recommend you get a contact person's name at the installer location so you can confirm they have received your shipment.

Q: How do I process a return?

A: You will need to call us at 1-800-385-3322 to process a return. For more returns details, please check out our return policy.

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Discount Tire Credit Card | Pricing

Q: Where do I send my Discount Tire credit card payments?

A: Payments can be made online for free at or remit payment directly to:
Synchrony Bank
P.O. Box 71715
Philadelphia, PA 19176-1715
For any other questions regarding your account please contact Synchrony Bank at (866) 396-8254.

Q: How can I get a price match?

A: If you find a lower current advertised price on an identical item at a competitor, please give us a call at 1-800-589-6789, a sales specialist will be able to assist you. You can also submit the lower price via the online listing we display for each product. Below each tire price, you'll see an "Instant Price Match" link. Click this link to submit your contact information and a link to the lower price. We'll contact you within one business day (Monday – Friday) with our offer.

Q: What if I find a lower price after I've purchased my wheels/tires?

A: Give us a call at 1-800-589-6789. We will do everything we can to make sure you are getting the lowest price.

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Q: Do I get physical certificates when I purchase Certificates for Refund or Replacement?

A: Our Certificate for refund or replacement is not an actual certificate but rather a virtual certificate which will be a line item on your invoice. We will keep the information on our database and you can request a replacement invoice showing that you purchased the certificates at any time.

Q: How long does the Certificate for Refund or Replacement last?

A: Tires are covered for 3 years from date of purchase and must have at least 3/32" of tread depth. Discount Tire Direct reserves the right to have the customer ship back the tire for inspection prior to replacement.

Q: How does the mileage warranty work?

A: Mileage warranties will be on a pro-rata basis. We will need the mileage when the tire was installed and the mileage when they are taken out of service. Discount Tire Direct will need the tires back and will email prepaid return labels for the tires being warranted.


Q: To what pressure do I inflate my new tires?

A: As long as we have your vehicle's information, we will print your tire's recommended air pressure on the invoice. Correct pressure can also be located on the driver's door jamb. Sometimes the pressure will be different than listed if you are using a tire size that is different than the size recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Q: How much does installation cost?

A: The installation of your tires and wheels can vary in price based on the installer you decide to use. Discount Tire and America's Tire offer the most competitive pricing at the highest quality industry standard, but you can use any installer you prefer.

Q: Where can I find installers?

A: You can have your tires and wheels installed at any Discount Tire or America's Tire store near you. If you do not have a store in your area, we have a list of other installers available on our installers page.

If you have any other questions, please give us a call at 1-800-589-6789 or you can email us. Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal.