Privacy Request FAQ

Why do I need to provide personal information to submit a privacy request?
We require your personal information to identify your information in our system and verify your request. Only information necessary to verify your request is collected, which is used exclusively to process your request.

Why am I required to provide my email address?
We use your email to verify your request, seek additional information that may be needed to verify your request, and communicate the status of your requests, including a final confirmation on how your request was completed.

How are requests verified or validated?
We verify and validate requests for your protection and to avoid inadvertent disclosure or deletion of your personal information. Depending on the nature of your request and our records, we may need to contact you for additional information for verification purposes.

If you submit an opt-out/do not sell request, we will record your preference and comply with your request to the extent we are able to identify you.  Please note that if you have used another name or email address in your interactions with Discount Tire Direct, you may need to make an additional request for this name or email address.

Can my Authorized Agent submit a request on my behalf?
You may authorize someone to act as your agent and submit a CCPA request on your behalf. You must supply your agent with written permission to act on your behalf, and your agent must provide proof of such authorization before we will act upon the request. If you are submitting a request to access or delete through an authorized agent, you must verify your identity directly with us through the verification and validation process, unless your authorized agent is acting pursuant to a power of attorney under the California Probate Code.

Why am I receiving communications from Discount Tire Direct after a deletion request?
Requesting deletion may not prevent all future communications to you. There may be instances where we are required to communicate with you, such as to provide an ongoing service to you or to notify you of a product safety recall. Also, any services or transactions occurring after a deletion request will generate communications.

Can I submit more than one request at a time?
You may submit multiple requests, but each request is processed separately to protect information from inadvertent deletion or disclosure and to ensure the integrity of our systems.  For proper fulfillment of your request, we do not process simultaneous requests for access and deletion. If you submit an access and deletion request at the same time, we will wait until your pending request for access has been completed before working on the deletion request.

Can I make multiple requests in a single submission, such as to opt-out and delete?
No. For proper fulfillment of your requests, we do not process simultaneous requests.  Requests to opt-out of sale or sharing (Do not Sell requests), know categories, know specific information, delete, or correct must each be submitted separately.


If I am an employee and a customer of Discount Tire Direct, can I submit a single request for all my data?
No. Employee and customer data are managed separately. Requests for handling these different sets of information need to be submitted separately and may be limited by applicable law.


How many requests can I submit in a year?
Unless specifically permitted by applicable law, you can submit up to two requests to access your data  within a 12-month period.