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Tire Size: 255/40-19
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Pirelli P Zero Rosso Asimmetrico

255/40-19 (Reading the Tire Size)

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Review Date
January 15, 2012
2007 BMW X3 /E83 3.0I
Driving Conditions
Mixed Dry Rain
Driving Style
Mixed Highway and City
Owned Tires for
1 year 2 months
Miles Driven on Tires
Ride Comfort
Ride Noise
Tread Life
Dry Traction
Wet Traction
Winter Traction
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Tire Pros

Excellent dry grip and stopping power

Tire Cons

LOUD LOUD LOUD So loud that I took the car in for transmission repairs.

Great for the first 3000 miles in dry and wet. Wet handling disappears rapidly with the tread while the tires become deafeningly noisy. The cost is also rather extreme at $1600 per set. These tires are the only BMW approved tires for the BMW X3 with sport pkg and 19 inch staggered config. If you put anything else on the car, the front and back tires are not close enough in size and the transmission will make dreadful noises while the traction control goes wild... I learned this the hard way by trying Continentals for a couple of hundred miles. To avoid these tires, I bought 2 additional oem front rims 19x8.5 ($600 each) to replace the 19x19's on the back. I then put on same size Pirelli P0 Neros all 255/40/19 all round. These lasted 30K miles and cost $800. I have now put on Michelin A/S which are more expensive and though quieter than the Nero's which were out of stock. Grip for both was indistinguishable from the Rosso's and the cost per mile is cut by more than 75% with the Nero's. My advice to BMW owners is to avoid staggered configurations with AWD BMW's if possible... particularly 19's... as these is usually only one or 2 approved tires that will work on the vehicle without destroying the transmission. Nominal and actual size are not the same.

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