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Victor Equipment Wheels

Designed Exclusively For The Porsche Enthusiast

Victor Equipment wheels are designed exclusively to be the ideal luxury custom wheel for Porsche vehicles.

Victor Equipment Wheels

Founded for Porsche owners by a Porsche owner, Victor Equipment aims to produce the ultimate wheels for Porsche cars and SUVs. With a variety of styles from five-spoke wheels to mesh-style wheels, Victor Equipment has a look to suit the style of any Porsche enthusiasts. From Boxters to 911s, the look and appeal of every Porsche is tremendously accented by the stunning beauty of Victor Equipment wheels. Featuring a hub-centric design to provide drivers with the smoothest ride possible, Victor Equipment wheels are also created to work with original Porsche TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) air sensors. Porsche cars and SUVs are designed to be the pinnacle of sporty luxury, and the wheels you choose for them shouldn't be any different. Demand Victor Equipment for your Porsche wheel needs.

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