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Mandrus Wheels

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Mandrus wheels are created solely for Mercedes-Benz motor vehicles, and are designed with a unique style unlike any other.

Mandrus Wheels

Every Mandrus wheel is engineered specifically to adhere to the technical aspects of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in order to enhance their appearance and suit the lavish style associated with them. Created with a hub-centric design, Mandrus wheels are made to handle the OE (original equipment) Mercedes-Benz TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system). The center of Mandrus wheels is also designed to accept the original Mercedes center cap. Mandrus wheels are made exclusively in sizes to perfectly fit Mercedes-Benz vehicles and to offer the power, luxury, and character that discriminating Mercedes-Benz owners insist on. From multi-spoke designs to traditional full faces and deep lip five-spoke options, Mandrus has a wheel that is both perfect for your Mercedes and perfect for your personal style.

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