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STI Tires Gorilla Silverback-XLite

AT25 /10.00D12 50F CP BSW (Reading the Tire Size)

Brings modern tire design to deep mud tradition.

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Based on one of the most successful mud tires of all time, the Silverback XLite brings modern tire design to deep mud tradition. The Silverback-XLite builds off the original Gorilla Silverback to deliver maximum mud traction but with less bulk and for a better price. The lugs range from 1.125 to 1.250 inches tall depending on tire size. This allows for smoother, more versatile performance when not slinging mud in your favorite bog. It's easier on the machine, and when comparing costs, it's also much easier on the budget.

  • Deep lugs sling mud and move machines.
  • Lighter weight design for better performance.
  • Lugs wrap over shoulder for improved bite.
  • 6-ply carcass with RocGuard rim protection.
Free Mounting & Balancing with Any Tire & Wheel Combination

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