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The Right Performance At The Right Price

Riken tires offer an ideal balance for drivers looking to improve the look and performance of their vehicle while still saving money.

Riken Tires

Featuring advanced tread compounds and an aggressive directional tread pattern, Riken tires offer maximum handling and serious grip in both wet and dry conditions. Riken tires are created to maintain shape at all speeds, and feature well-crafted sidewalls for quick response during cornering. Drivers can expect a quiet, smooth ride from their Riken tires as well, thanks to a computer-phased tread design that ensures a comfortable driving experience. All this can be had for less than you expect, because Riken tires are made for the discerning driver on a budget. Find the Riken tires that are right for your vehicle today at Discount Tire/America's Tire.

Riken Passenger/Performance Tires

(Cars and Minivans, High Performance, Maximum Performance, Touring)