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Pirelli Winter 240 SottoZero tires

Pirelli Winter 240 SottoZero

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The Pirelli Winter 240 SottoZero provides both responsive handling and impressive traction on wet and icy driving surfaces. Thanks to special tread compounds, the Winter 240 SottoZero stays flexible in cold weather to offer better control and stronger grip in snow and ice. Drivers won't have to compromise performance in milder temperatures or on dry surfaces, because the Pirelli Winter 240 SottoZero tire provides dual season capability for winter and spring driving. Don't let winter put your love for driving on ice. Get Pirelli Winter 240 SottoZero tires and get back on the road.

Innovation and research are Pirelli Tire's most distinctive hallmarks. For more than a century, Pirelli Tire has offered a wide range of tires with an emphasis on combining safety, stability, handling and grip, even at high speeds and in adverse driving conditions. With a focus on ultra-high performance tires, Pirelli Tire has managed to establish itself as an industry leader in terms of advanced design technology and superior quality.
Pirelli Winter 240 SottoZero tires

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