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The Pathfinder tire brand has a long history of providing drivers a premium blend of tire attributes at a value price. By utilizing a combination of new technologies like computer optimized tread design and tread compound technology, Pathfinder is able to provide drivers with top quality tires for trucks and SUV's. Their application specific tread designs are designed to combine a smart balance of stylish looks, off-road traction and on-road handling so to provide drivers with confidence that their tires can handle just about any situation they encounter. For the driver seeking amazing off-road traction and handling, Pathfinder offers all-terrain tires with aggressive grip for even the toughest driving conditions.

Pathfinder Tires

For those who spend more time on the highway, drivers can rest assure that Pathfinder's tires are designed for both rugged trail duty and provide a quiet, comfortable ride on street surfaces. Whatever your driving style, find the Pathfinder tires that fits your needs exclusively with us!

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