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Nitto Terra Grappler AT

255 /60 R18 112S XL BSW (Reading the Tire Size)

A perfect compliment to larger trucks and SUV's. 50 through 60-series P-metric sizes.

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Nitto Terra Grappler AT
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The Nitto Terra Grappler features two distinct sidewall designs so you can customize your look by choosing which one will face outwards. If you are ordering a tire and wheel package online with the Terra Grappler, please tell us which sidewall you would prefer facing outwards in the comments section of your order.
Sidewall 1 Sidewall 2
The Terra Grappler A/T is Nitto's first light truck/sport utility tire to be offered in D- and E- load ratings.

•An aggressive tread pattern with high-density siping provides excellent traction and handling in snow and slush.

•Two steel belts ensure optimum contact patch both on and off the road.

•Two spiral wound nylon cap plies enhance high-speed stability.
Free Mounting & Balancing with Any Tire & Wheel Combination

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