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Leading a new wave of innovation, the INVO is Nitto's new flagship ultra-high performance tire. Developed using the latest technology, the INVO's revolutionary tread design offers the perfect balance between art and engineering. The INVO provides a quiet and comfortable ride while maintaining the ability to provide tremendous traction in both dry and wet conditions. The asymmetrical, non-directional, tread design with twin water-dispersion grooves and lateral slits effectively provide wet traction while the silica-reinforced tread blocks deliver superior lateral and longitudinal grip in dry conditions. The asymmetrical tread pattern also gives the owner the ability to rotate tires on staggered fitments.

Steering Response and Traction
•Silica-reinforced tread compound reduces tread flex for excellent road biting traction.

•Tread blocks on the outer shoulder provides maximum contact patch for maximum dry traction and responsive steering feedback.

•Continuous inner shoulder tread and sipes provide improved traction under dry or wet conditions.

•Slanted 3D tread blocks reduce flex for improved cornering performance.

•Twin water-dispersion grooves effectively increases contact patch in the wet.

Ride Comfort
•Variable pitch blocks are utilized to reduce road noise.

•Pattern allows for tire rotation on staggered fitments, resulting in a quiet and comfortable ride.
Nitto Invo tires

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