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Michelin Latitude Tour HP

275 /45 R19 108V XL BSW N0 (Reading the Tire Size)

Luxury SUV and crossover tire.

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For All Vehicles (5)
Mileage Warranty 55,000 Miles
Treadwear 440
Traction A
Temperature A
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Designed specifically for drivers of luxury SUVs and crossover vehicles, the Michelin® Latitude® Tour HP tires combine the pristine ride quality of Michelin's premier touring tires with the durability of their toughest truck tires. Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires feature newly developed Secure Lock Tread Blocks that remain open during normal driving to deliver optimum all-weather traction, but close and lock under stress, creating a solid tread block that delivers better performance during acceleration, braking, and cornering maneuvers.

•Two different tread compounds are precisely placed to deliver a great balance of wet, dry, and snow traction, treadwear and fuel economy.

•Efficient water evacuation to combat hydroplaning.

•Improved tread noise performance.

•Optimized footprint shape to provide consistent handling and precise control at high speeds.

•Blocks lock together for increased tread block rigidity when cornering or hard braking.

•Exceptional combination of handling, steering, comfort, and treadwear, and sidewall durability.

•Improved snow handling.
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