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Kumho Solus KH16

225 /55 R19 99H SL BSW CM (Reading the Tire Size)

High-performance for everyday driving. H-speed rated.

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Treadwear 440
Traction A
Temperature A
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The KH16 incorporates the latest in Kumho technology. It brings performance together for everyday driving needs. The KH16 trademark incorporates outstanding all season traction, crisp handling and quick steering response with long mileage and a comfortable ride.

•Kumho's patented design technology optimizes casing shape, tread contact and sidewall stiffness to maintain outstanding ability to absorb bumps even while increasing the response.

•Computer aided design and high technology tread compound creates a perfect blend of tread block stiffness that increases mileage delivered by the KH16.

•Multi siped tread design and optimum groove placement increases bad weather grip for driving in rain, snow or shine.

•Kumho's exclusive Cornering Lag Technology (CLT) greatly reduces the time lag from when the steering wheel is turned until the vehicle reacts. "CLT" increases steering response without giving up ride comfort.
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