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Hankook DynaPro AS RH03

LT245 /75 R16 120R E1 BSW FO (Reading the Tire Size)

Quiet and capable on and off road. LT-sizes.

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Hankook Tires has been making tires for almost 60 years. They have become one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. Hankook enjoys O.E. relationships with several auto manufacturers. Why is O.E. so important? It is a sign of Hankook's technological success, superior quality, and value. The DynaPro RH03's all-season high tread is designed with an interlocking intermediate rib and high sipe density. This provides a smooth, quiet ride with great traction and wear performance.

This tire is manufactured with either white lettering or black lettering on the sidewall depending on the size. For specific sidewall lettering information, you will need to speak with one of our sales representatives.
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