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General Altimax Arctic

195 /55 R15 85Q SL BSW (Reading the Tire Size)

High performance at low temperatures. This tire can be studded.

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This tire can be studded for additional cost.
General's Altimax Arctic is designed to offer remarkable high performance even in cold weather and wet conditions. Thanks to a multi-angle sipe system and directional tread pattern, drivers can achieve maximum winter traction with intense resistance to hydroplaning. Biting sipe edges assure extreme grip, whether you're moving straight ahead or taking a high-angled turn. An all-weather dual tread compound gives the Altimax Arctic impressive cold-weather flexibility for powerful traction in unforgiving cold.

•270-degree sipes maximize traction in any direction of travel.

•Center stability rib enhances straight-line stability.

•Reactive Contour Technology (RCT) reacts to varying road conditions to maintain maximum road contact.

•Natural rubber/silica tread composite improves traction in cold and wet weather.
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