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Dunlop Grandtrek AT20

P 245 /75 R16 109S SL BSW TM (Reading the Tire Size)

Preferred choice for your luxury SUV. 70 and 75-series sizes.

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For All Vehicles (247)
Mileage Warranty 60,000 Miles
Treadwear 300
Traction B
Temperature B
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Luxury SUV owners will enjoy the benefits of the engineering we put into this tire. We built upon seven years of extensive OE tire research and redefined the technology to provide a full line of luxury SUV tires tailored to deliver excellent performance for the replacement segment.

•Versaload Technology provides consistent traction, handling and ride comfort.

•Multi-Pitch Tread Design for a smooth, quiet ride.

•Dimensionally Stable Polyester yields uniformity and a smooth ride.
Free Mounting & Balancing with Any Tire & Wheel Combination

Your web site is very user friendly. Your prices are great and delivery time is excellent. Robert W.