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Drag DR-34

17 X7.5 5-100.00/114.30 45 GDGLML
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Available finishes: silver machined lip, charcoal grey, gunmetal machined lip, gloss black machined lip, flat black machined face and chrome. One-piece aluminum construction, 17" and 18" sizes.

$115.00 each

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Size 17 X7.5 5-100.00/114.30 45 GDGLML
Diameter 17″
Width 7.5″
Bolt Pattern 5-100
Availability Low Stock
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Recognized as one of the premier wheel companies, Drag Wheels is driven by the pure passion of JDM. The strength and philosophy of Drag Wheels are forged from the commitment to develop some of the finest in designs and styles. Drag Wheels kept true to a clean, sleek and stylish concept. The increasingly popular JDM influence in the North American market has inspired much of the products to mimic such fashion. To exceed the market's expectation, Drag Wheels unveils a collection of Japanese inspired design capturing the JDM enthusiasm. Utilizing the most advanced breakthrough technologies; such as, the patented self-locking chrome stainless steel lips, Drag Wheels positions itself above the competition. Drag, drift and street; Drag Wheels delivers the passion.
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The site was great, easy to find my tire and I was very happy with the product purchased. George N.