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Pirelli P Zero System

255 /45 R19 104Y XL BSW BE (Reading the Tire Size)

Pirelli's most advanced ultra high performance tire.

Pirelli's concept of a zero limits tire; phrased differently, the effective control of power at any speed. The System, as it is called, provides a specialized tread pattern for each axle. This nomenclature was intended for rear wheel drive vehicles. However, for front wheel drive cars, the asymmetrical tire only should be used on the front and rear.

•Direzionale (directional) front tire design maximizes grip in wet conditions and reduces hydroplaning.

1. Zigzag tread with large longitudinal and lateral grooving creates a continuous water expulsion mechanism.

2. This "real time" water expulsion means that the P Zero Direzionale always works in direct contact with the road.

•Asimmetrico (asymmetrical) rear tire design delivers high resistance to maximum cornering forces.

1. Multifunctional tread design, developed with particular attention to optimal rib dimensions, promotes maximum grip and reduces heat generation.

•P-Zero tires deliver maximum braking performance for today's highest performance sports cars.

•Available in a wide range of sizes for sports cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, BMW, Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin, Callaway C12 Corvette and Volvo.
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The site was great, easy to find my tire and I was very happy with the product purchased. George N.