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Kumho Ecsta XS

225 /50 R16 92W SL BSW (Reading the Tire Size)

Ultra high performance and handling.

Designed for SCCA racing that demands high Uniform Tire Quality Grades, this incredible tire delivers unrivaled dry grip with split-second steering response, and its unique footprint is designed to deliver consistent handling performance at high G-forces.

Special Features

•Low void asymmetric tread pattern with circumferential grooving for high cornering grip.

•Ultra fine carbon black compounding for maximum traction.

•Ultra wide tread contact with highly rounded shoulders for optimized footprint shape during high lateral loads.

•Developed for quick autocross warm-up while maintaining race track durability.

•With a Y speed rating, the tire delivers an optimum run temperature of 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat Cycling
Competition tires are built with a highly sophisticated tread compound. This compound is capable of sustaining traction throughout a much wider temperature range, but is also extremely sensitive to the first heat cycle of its use. During this cycle the tread compound stretches as it heats.

Our heat cycling system ensures consistent results by maintaining key conditions during the heat cycle process. The system generates uniform heating and progressive temperature build up throughout the tread. The benefit of this process is a tread compound that lasts longer and provides better traction. All competition tire manufacturers recommend a heat cycling service. Have your competition tires heat cycled today and be race ready!

Heat Cycling is available for $15 per tire.
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The site was great, easy to find my tire and I was very happy with the product purchased. George N.