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BFGoodrich Long Trail T/A

P 265 /60 R18 109T SL RWL (Reading the Tire Size)

Excellent wearing, smooth riding all-season light truck radial. 60 and 65-series sizes.

$183.59 each

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Treadwear 440
Traction A
Temperature B
Speed Rating T
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Long Trail usually equates to long wearing, as this tire is renowned for its excellent tread life. A good choice for the value oriented who require all-season traction. Add smooth, quiet ride plus a crisp sidewall treatment and you have the reasons why this tire is popular with light truck owners.

•Asymmetric all-season tread design optimizes dry traction and control while minimizing highway noise. Also improves tread wear.

•Two full-width steel belts stiffen tread for better steering response and improved traction control.

•High strength bead package meets rugged light truck performance requirements.

•Dual compound tread reduces heat build up for longer tread wear.

•Two-ply casing absorbs road shock, resists flat spotting and controls sidewall flex for a smooth ride.
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The site was great, easy to find my tire and I was very happy with the product purchased. George N.